Currently a graduate student in the Social Work Program, James is an Army veteran with 17 years of service currently in his last semester of his Masters in Social Work of program at UTSA. James also advocates and volunteers with homeless veterans of San Antonio. James has several awards from his 4 overseas combat deployments as well as being awarded the Bexar County “Hildago” award in 2016. James also serves as the President of Social Work Honor Society and was named Social Work student of the year for 2015-2016.

“I understand the value of mentoring because I had lots of mentors. PIVOT, for me, is a program that shines as an exemplary example of what we trying to accomplish at UTSA, which is to bring in more students to get engaged with their learning, get them excited and keep them excited about their work, help them find a community, and use that community to continue to develop their skills even after they leave UTSA.”

PIVOT RTE Peer Mentor