Hello! My name is Joy Rose. I am senior majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology and Minor in sociology. I transferred from Blinn College in Brenham Texas where I was in the Marching band. I am A peer mentor for RTE, Health Honor Society Secretary, Health ambassador for Dr.Yin’s diabetes research project, and hopefully more to come! As far as interests, I love helping under-serviced communities, and working for RTE allows me to do that. After I graduate, my main focus will be impacting women’s lives through philanthropy.
What can people gain from having a mentor? People can gain not only confidence in themselves and their abilities to successfully navigate their way through the sea of young faces, but give them peace of mind knowing someone is on their side. It is easy to feel like a number when attending a university, but being apart of RTE helps students feel more involved and in-touch with the UTSA community. Having a peer mentor also allows students to become a-part of our PIVOT familia!