My name is Katie Moheit. I am a transfer student now finishing my junior year here at UTSA. My father is retired U.S. Air Force, so I am a transfer student from both the Northern Virginia Community Colleges and Northeast Lakeview College. My major is English with a concentration in Professional Writing; I hope to use this degree to become an editor one day. In addition to loving books, I also enjoy cooking and eating. When I have free time away from school and work I also love traveling with my husband. A life goal of mine is to travel to all 50 states and as many countries as possible; so far I have been to 19 states and 2 countries.

Having a mentor can provide endless opportunities. Mentors are an irreplaceable resource for any situation: academic, professional, and personal. I find the best part about being a mentor is that I am not the only one assisting those that I am mentoring; they are assisting and teaching me things as well. I hope to help each mentee, in at least one way, to reach their goals.

PIVOT RTE Peer Mentor