My name is Luisa Cruz Garza. I am a senior in UTSA studying bilingual education. I am an international student from Mexico. I am also a transfer student, coming from Southwest Texas Junior College. I am in BESO (Bilingual Education Student Organization). When I graduate, I want to become a teacher of bilingual, English and Spanish speaking, children. I specifically want to teach children from low socioeconomic statuses since I feel it would be more rewarding and enriching. I want to start a Master’s program next fall in bilingual literacy.

Having a mentor is very beneficial. Peer mentors can also help their mentees personally and academically. Academically, the peer mentor can show new organizational skills, time management skills, learning styles and tips to help their mentee. Personally, a peer mentor can help by supporting and encouraging mentees in their decisions. Mentors can also listen to their problems and guide them to a better pathway than the one they were on. Being a mentor means having the ability and responsibility to help others. It means that I will help students by empowering them and providing the resources necessary for them to accomplish their goals.

PIVOT RTE Peer Mentor