My name is Mailaine Patton and I am a senior at UTSA. I am a first generation, non-traditional transfer student. I was raised in California, where my father served 23 years in the US Navy. After high school I went to Mt. San Jacinto Community College then decided to explore the world by moving to Hungary. I was blessed to spend 5 years in a little picturesque college city in Hungary attending an international medical school. I had to leave Hungary and move back to America due to lack of financial aid. My dad had retired and my family moved to San Antonio so my new home became Texas. I have been attending UTSA since spring of 2014. I am new to the RTE program this year and couldn’t be more excited. I wish when I transferred to UTSA I had access to a program like this to ease the transition. I believe that this program will help so many students. When I am not in class or working with RTE I am an active member in UTSA’s pre-dental society and a UTSA student health services peer education mentor. I am a biology major with hopes to be a dentist. I am very passionate about the healthcare field and hope to spend my life helping people live a happy healthy life, one smile at a time.

Looking back to when I transferred to UTSA, I wish I had a mentor. Starting a new school is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. It should be a fun exciting experience, and a chance to thrive in limitless opportunities. Mentors provide a sense of community for those who are new, which is really important in college, especially here at UTSA. Mentors are here to help mentees succeed by providing support, whether that is academic or emotional. I am new to the RTE program and hope to positively impact someone’s life. Through this experience, I want to grow and I know this will help me become a better student. All that I will learn from being a mentor will aid me in my future endeavors.

PIVOT RTE Peer Mentor