Hello future mentee! My name is Richard Robles and I am a senior here, graduating this May in Multidisciplinary studies where I am studying; philosophy, education, and sociology. My original degree was in education where I wanted to teach fourth grade, but due to me attending five different schools in the last six years I had to change my degree. I actually enjoy my new degree plan where I get to study multiple studies. I plan on returning to UTSA for my Post Baccalaureate and get my teaching certification next year. My wife was in the military which required us to move around a lot, but I always stayed focused on my degree. There were plenty of times that I felt like I would never graduate because of the many credits I would lose every time I would transfer. I never had a mentor at any of my schools but my father went to graduate school here at UTSA and my wife went to graduate school at UT Austin, and they played the mentor roll for me which helped. It has been a long journey to get here but a well worth one. Staying focused and organized helped me to be recognized to the Dean’s List at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Honor Roll here at UTSA.

I am so proud to be a mentor. After being offered this position I realized that I do have a lot of advice for transfer students and non-traditional students that I have gained from attending five different colleges across the U.S. I understand the frustration of losing credits, and the importance of asking your advisor to petition a class from a past school for credit. I am married with two kids under the age of three, and being able to balance work, school, and your family life isn’t always easy, but it can be done. I invite you to come by our office today and see what a mentor can do for you.