First to Go and Graduate (F2G&G)

The First to Go and Graduate (F2G&G) Program seeks to develop and support a UTSA institution-wide culture that actively recognizes, encourages, and supports first-generation college students. First-gen students include anyone whose parent(s) or guardian(s) did not complete a four-year bachelor's degree. F2G&G’s innovative features include a first-gen faculty to first-gen student coaching program, peer mentors and an F2G&G Council comprised of students, staff, and faculty. Through regular meetings with peer mentors and faculty coaches, students build on the assets they bring with them to UTSA as a first-gen student. Mentees, peer mentors, faculty coaches and staff all form a community of “first-geners” called familias, offering support to navigate college life. Through our broad encouragement with students as peer mentors, tutors, coaches and advocates, our goal is to increase retention and graduation of first-generation students. ¡Juntos logramos más!

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