The purpose of the First-Generation Faculty Coach component of F2G&G is to create a culture of visibility within the Roadrunner community of First-Generation Faculty, who were themselves first-generation college students. This effort hopes to build further connections between first-generation students and the first-generation faculty that serve them.

Dr. Omar Valerio-Jimenez

Associate Professor, Department of History

omar.valerio-jimenez@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube

Dr. Antonio Petrov

Former Coach – Assistant Professor of Architecture, YouTube

Dr. George Negrete

Professor, Organic Chemistry

george.negrete@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube

Dr. Sharon Navarro

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Geography

sharon.navarro@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube

Dr. Sonja Lanehart

Former Coach – Brackenridge Endowed Chair in Literature and the Humanities

sonja.lanehart@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube

Dr. Aida Isela Ramos

Former Coach – Assistant Professor of Sociology YouTube

Dr. Jill Hernandez

Associate Dean Undergrad and Associate Professor, Philosophy

jill.hernandez@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube

Dr. Lucila Ek

Associate Professor, Bicultural-Bilingual Studies

lucila.ek@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube

Dr. Jackie Cuevas

Assistant Professor, English

jackie.cuevas@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube

Dr. Marco Cervantes

Associate Professor, Bicultural-Bilingual Studies

marco.cervantes@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube

Dr. Manuel Berriozabal

Former Coach – Professor Emeritus

mpberriozabal@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube

Dr. Edwin Barea-Rodriguez

Associate dean and Professor, Biology

edwin.barea@utsa.eduProfile – YouTube