What is Math Matters?

Math Matters is a hands-on approach where students learn math by doing math, not listening to someone else telling them how to do math. Students work with faculty, staff, and dedicated peer learning assistants in the classroom and in the Success Center, where students work online to complete course assignments. Currently Math Matters supports MAT 1073: Algebra for Scientists and Engineers, which is the College Algebra for those who need Calculus and Pre-calculus. This course is one that Alamo RunnersĀ  may elect for their dual-enrolled course at UTSA. Math Matters also supports MAT 1053: Mathematics for Business.



Our Mission

Math Matters promotes student learning by featuring an interactive, engaging and on-demand personalized assistance approach to empower students to become independent and life-long learners. Students come first.

Our Vision

Establish and maintain relationships by removing boundaries and creating a common language through collaborative efforts between the Tomas Rivera Center and the Math Department.

Our Goals

Redesign College Algebra Math 1073 to increase persistence in STEM Majors.